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    This is a fans production sequence to replace the film break in Gremlins 2. Remember that; it was when the Gremlins jumped from their film to a new film. Well this is a fans updated version of that portion of cinematic history. This time the fan includes Batman and Indiana Jones amongst others

    The guy who has done this is not only talented but also dedicated, hence why I include this in the GFX & Digital Art forum. I neither have the patience or creativity to do something like this and envy his commitment.


    YouTube - GREMLINS FAN FILM - Gremlins 3 Warmup

    ...& here is the making of....

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    I'm not gonna watch that but I always thought they should have stopped after the first one. The second one didn't even really make much sense much less else.
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    Now that video was cool as hell!! I can see why you put it here. killer editing.
    Thanks for posting this. :thumbsup:
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    Love or loathe the Gremlins! It is not about the movies, it is about the effects!

    Watch the clips and you'd realize why this is in the GFX forum and not the Movies forum:rolleyes:

    I forgot to include the whole production took 2 months and cost US$3000
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