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Hey all! Okay.. I can't think of a good intro.. lemme elaborate.

Reason why I joined:

Well.. The Old Forums that I always go to had a problem with my account. I decided not to go back there anymore. So I searched for a good forum and this site popped up first on google search. So I decided to give it a shot.

Who the hell are you?!

Well.. You can see by my name that I am WarSoul(TM) [Trademark sign FTW!). I make games, music and... uhh... err... I dunno.. I guess am not very talented. meh.. :stare:

What's with the Tags?

Well.. Anime shows are my favorite cartoons, Games is where I get my inspiration on making games and music, Starcraft is the very foundation of my entirety, I like listening exclusively to metal but other songs are awesome too. And finally, 4chan. Don't ask why. Bellow is a tl'dr version if it's long for you.

I'm what you call a "controlled" weaboo. If I want to be a weaboo, I become a weaboo.

I like strategy Games like Starcraft/Warcraft/C&C and the such.

But mostly Starcraft. Got my own beta key for SC2.

Metal.. Meh..

4chan... Dun ask.

Why type a long intro damnit?!

I like to type! Is that something wrong?! Although my grammar is a bit.. suckish.. please bear with me and my suckish engrish grammaru.

Wait.. you said you make Games and Music. I'm skeptical about this things.

Well.. WarSoul is divided into three persons IRL. Each with different Users. [WarSoul Is three users combined in one if you got confused of my grammar]

- Galiant609 = Awesome Music Man
]YouTube - galiant609's Channel
- Arkane = Superb Starcraft Map Maker and RPGMaker Maker
ehhh... go to and find his account.
- WarSoul = He's the guy that does something..

We're sort of a 3men indie gaming team. We are non-profit and... uhh.. yeah! non profit.

Anything else to say?

I like Alternate Reality Games and Scary Horror Shit. And also Slender Man. If you guys know any ARGs please lemme know!


Ahem... well.. that was a long intro with lots of [ENTER]. So yeah! I hope my stay here will be a friggin splendid one!:shocked::shocked::shocked::shocked: