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My real name is Alex and I'm 17 although I prefer to go by Alou. I generally just like talking with people which is why I joined the forum. I live near Atlanta, Georgia in the US and am in my last year of high school. I plan on going to college for Psychology. Feel free to ask questions if you wish. :)



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Hi Alou! Welcome to GF! What made you start going by Alou?

Anyway, I hope that you find you like it here.. It is an awesome place with awesome people and a newly upgraded chatroom, so there is chatting going on all the time.

So sit back, relax, and stick around for a while.

See you around the boards!
Hello :D welcome to GF!

I'm have/am going to study psychology as well :nod: is there any particular thing about it that you like? I like studying memories and mental disorders.

See you around!


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Welcome to the forums Alou, tell us about some of your interest. I'm very happy that you decided to join these forums, and I really hope you stay for the long run.

Enjoy yourself and I'll see you around.