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Greetings to you...


New Member
I'm SS_Broly, short for Super Saiyan Broly. Although he's only second in comparison to my favorite anime personality, Ichigo. I'm a game and anime fan and love to talk, so as long as this place is active I'll come and well...talk. Also if you could help a new guy out and tell me the code needed to put an image in the signature area, as well as anyone who can resize an avatar for me, thanks in advance. My real name for those who want to know is Leo.


Secret Agent
Staff member
You can have sigs if you apply for a Premium account (look at the top forum on the main page). They are free to active members so make some posts and get to know the place and you'll get one. :)

I'm not a big Anime fan but I did watch most of the Dragonball Z series back when I was younger.


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
Welcome, and I answered your PM, so check that.