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Greetings, Salut, Hola, Gutentag, Alo (and so many more)!


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Hello, I am a new member (which is pretty obvious, xD). I've been on forums, and I like them. Hopefully I'll have a good time here! :D


New Member
Welcome to GF, how did you find this place? Also tell us a little about ya self :p


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I actually found it by typing in "general forums". xD I was really bored, but it seems like a very interesting place. Well, I'm a SoCal resident, and I like debating about stuff like religion, philosophy and politics. And I love cats. :D And emoticons, apparently.


Lion Rampant
Hey, welcome. Sounds like you have a lot to contribute. Whereabouts in SoCal are you from? I'm over here by Knott's, myself.


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And I love cats. :D And emoticons, apparently.
It appears we are at an impasse. I am very fond of emoticons, and yet I have anti-cat political views...

I shall watch you and judge you, when I deem you fit for correspondence with myself you shall be notified accordingly.

Oh and I forgot: HI! :)


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Welcome to the forums my dear friend. I'll be your host for the night! On the menu we have great sections like religion, politics ect. which should meet your needs. If you need anything don't be afraid to ring this little bell.


Creeping On You
I'm on a menu!!!!!! Aaaaaaahhhhh run to the hills!!!! Run for your lives!!!!!!!!!!

Welcome here bud! Hopefully you enjoy your stay and I hope to see you round the boards.


I'm serious
Welcome to GF. I am sure you will enjoy your time here as the sections you like posting in are very active here at GF. Very good for killing that boredom you speak off!

I hope to see you posting actively! As long as you agree with everything I say, we will get along just great!! j/k


Boom Boom Pow!
Greetings and salutations.

Welcome to the forum.