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Greetings from Turkey


New Member
enes my name, read the Black Sea Technical University, age 20, till here for now.:D
Greetings from Turkey:)


Babeasaurus Sex
Welcome :)

Have a lovely traipse around these forums :) They're brilliant!

Tell us more about yourself...Interests? Likes? Dislikes?


I'm serious
Hi and welcome to GF. You should stick around. It would be good practice for your English. If that's what you're looking for? I don't think we have any other members from Turkey here. Can you tell us where in Turkey you are from? Do you like any sports?


New Member
I live in ordu (turkey)not army :D, love football,Orduspor'm a fan of,think the forum is my only turks


Creeping On You
The forum isn't your only turks, but I'm pretty sure that you are the only turk on the forum =P

Welcome to General Forum Theevuub. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask!

Have a great day.


Registered Member
Hello and welcome to GF! :D Your english will get better so post anyway. Does it snow in Turnkey? We have a great music thread if u like music. We also have a great photography section where you can post photos. Do people build snow monsters in Turkey? I read that Europe got a ton of snow but we didn't get any yet. I hope we do. :nod:


Registered Member
Wow...welcome to you!
I am trying to picture what Turkey is like, I have never been there.
As you are probably trying to picture other countries as well...anyway, hope you enjoy yourself here :)