Greetings from little old en-ger-laaaand

Enjoy looking at the crazy auctions , obviously all the best ideas have been thought of .... or have they ?

anyhoo, its all good fun and passes the time.

ebay pulse in the Uk is full of cars ... the USA version is full of crazy stuff - much better

i will loiter


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Haha what's wrong with cars? One car sold over there for $270,000 recently.. I bet that was exciting at least right? :)

Hope you like it here. Maybe you can start some crazy auctions in the UK! :)
AAAhhh the 4head guy ...ker-ching !!!

yea, that pope VW golf sure made that kid happy, what a stroke of divine luck !!

cars are ok .... crazy mystery stuff - boy , i think the nappy was the wierdest, there hasnt been any 'look what i found and its full of dosh' auctions over here

and thet frying pan ...goldenpalace are just throwing good money after bad !!


cheers guys


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Hey Johnny!!! Welcome to Auction Sightings... I'm sure you'll enjoy it here, I know I have!!


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I don't speak english, what's a nappy? what's dosh?

Jamie Oliver teaches me english but other then that I don't understand...

I speak english just not your kind of english...
He he, jamie oliver is a southener , i am a northern lad ...

dosh = wonga = spondoolies = cash

nappy = diaper - feels very wierd calling it a diaper !!

tap.... faucet ? what the heck is one of those ?