Greetings from Lincoln


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Howdy all

Im Steve from Lincoln UK, I joined here as it looks a good place to chill out and chat. Used to be a member of other computer security forums analysing HJT logs, im ASAP and UNITE registered but have decided to step away a little and enjoy more family life rather than being tied up logs 24/7.

Looks a great place to be, keep up the good work :cool:


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Hi Stonebow.. I used to be into analyzing HJT logs on thatcomputerguy forum and it all started with my parents pc going bonkers on them.
Welcome and enjoy your stay in GF.. it's a cool place.


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Thanks for the welcome both of you :cool:

@bordie Nice to see someone with the same intrest, I originally stood back from logwork a little after a recent illness then realised how much time I was missing with my family, still do quite a bit but now only for family, freinds and the odd local resident!

@Cheomesh - What cookies do you have, do you have a secret stash hidden here - I like plain old chocolate chip cookies yummy yummy..... lol
Hey man, welcome to General Forum. Glad that you're thinking about your family and enjoying that instead of being a drone.


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It's nice to see ya here.

You need to get yourself a sig/avi.