greetings form the land of the dead


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Well it has been a while...
So many new faces and so many old ones. it has been a long and rough time away (lets hope this is the last of the operations) hated to leave but my health was on the line and I didn't have time to say a proper good bye to my close friends and staffers.

Now that all the nonfun stuff is over and i am 100% back to strength and some what mental faculties I thought I would drop in and say hello.

So hello.... :lol: :lol: :D
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~Lucky 13 strikes again~
I will be in and out checking on things. Still have a hard time doing a few things (gotta love the side effects) so i will be on when I can.


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Welcome back my friend, glad that most of your health issues are out of the picture. I really do hope that you come back full time since you were always a great member.

It's great to see you posting again, and hopefully that will continue.


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Hey what's up Nightsurfer? It's very good to hear from you my friend. Glad to see you and glad to hear things are getting better for you.

See ya around.


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Hey Night! Good to see you around even if it's just once in a while, and glad to hear you're doing alright.