greetings, earthlings :Þ hehe



hi people, new here (surprise, surprise - lol)

some bastard in my utopia kingdom tricked me to join here, so guess I might aswell introduce myself. :D

my name´s René, I´m a 41 year old guy from Denmark -I´m married and have two sons.
My interests include music (metal, punk, more basic rock, and even some pop - pretty diverse taste actualy:)), computer and playstation games, utopia, and I´ve recently startet to collect warhammer fantasy figures.

I´m looking forward to being here, and have a great time..

guess that´s about it for now ;)
lol welcome, yea that bastard would be drkfusion. this is now the "official" place for you guys to post have fun hehe


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Welcome to these forums. Hopefully you'll enjoy yourself here man. Anyways that's it for me now and i'll see ya around.