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Greeting from Croatia


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Good evening.

I'm Ivan, 22 years old informatics student from Croatia.

I'm looking forward to talk and entertain with many people from many different counties all over the world. I found that interesting and amusing, so that is a main reason why i have come here.

So, as you all see, my expectations are very big, I hope this forum won't dissappoint me haha :lol:

P.S Sorry if my English is not the best, but you can understand me, aren't you? :D


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Tere Ivan, Welcome to GF! :) Can you say more of maybe hobbies and other interest you have?

I hope you find GF to be a nice place as I have and become active!


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Thank you :)

Well, I can tell something about my hobbies. I like running and swimming in my spare time, sometimes a gym is also a good option if the weather is too cold.

Also, when I am at home, I like to explore some things over the internet, learning about web design and many other things. I am curious so I always find something that is very interesting to know... sometimes about different technologies, sometimes about sports, sometimes about psihology... depends on my mood. I like to read. :)

Yes, I hope that GF will be a good place to entertain :)


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Welcome to GF! I am from the US, so there is def. a worldwide community here.


yellow 4!
Hey, welcome to GF! I can understand your English just fine :)

Let us know if you have questions or need help with anything.


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Hello and welcome to GF! :D There are tons of awesome topics here and lots to read and learn. See you in the threads.


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Welcome =] My sister and brother-in-law are in Croatia right now. They're studying the culture for school.
I hope you like it here on the forums =]
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Your english is fine. Welcome. This place will not disappoint.