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Green Paint Mayhem


Registered Member
I don't know if any of you have heard about this, but last Friday, the Lincoln Memorial had green paint sprayed at its base. More green paint a few days later was found sprayed inside a cathedral on a pipe organ and inside a children's chapel. A woman has been arrested on suspicion.

Lincoln Memorial paint vandal caught on video, police seek person of interest, sources say - U.S. News

Woman arrested over Washington D.C. green paint attack - U.S. News=


Free Spirit
Staff member
Green paint at both places, I would say there is a good chance she is responsible for both acts. I hope they make her pay for cleaning up and any restoration needed.

I hate it when people do stuff like this. I would like to know why she did this.


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
I think that one of the worst parts of this whole ordeal is that the monuments are remaining open during cleanup. People are going to DC to see these monuments to American awesomeness and instead are seeing green paint and a cleanup crew. I understand civil disobedience to protest against the government but these acts are disrespectful to the country, it's loyal lemmings, and the people that maintain the monuments.