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Green name.


I pwn noobs
I was just wondering what it means and how to get it. Thanks guys and gals


Looks to me like people with 100+ posts.


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It's our premium membership, and Senator is right, you get it after 100 posts. Here's Andrew's list of stuff int he sticky from the Premium Room:

1. Arcade games. You may have noticed arcade game icons next to people's usernames. If you tried to click these in the past, you might have also noticed that you don't have access to the arcade. Well now you do. We are a pretty competitive bunch so don't be shy. You can access the arcade by clicking the "Arcade" link under the premium forums section.

2. Bigger Avatar. Are you sick of having a small avatar? As a premium member you can now upload an avatar up to 150x150 in size.

3. Avatar "Frame". You'll now have a simple colored frame around your avatar. You can change the color of this by going to your options in your UserCP.

4. Signature Image. You can now upload a signature image. Current size allowed is up to 200x60. You can also make this image a link to your homepage by editing your homepage in your UserCP edit profile page.

5. eBay Signature Ads. If you don't want to use the signature image feature above, you can opt to show an eBay ad that lists a few of your current items for sale. This is configurable in your UserCP edit profile page.

6. Custom User Title. Go to your UserCP edit profile page and you can now enter a custom user title. This will replace the default "Registered Member" title under your username in posts and in your profile.

7. Premium forums. Not a ton of extra forums here, but, you'll have an area to speak your mind to a select few instead of everybody. Only members with 100 posts or more can see the posts in the premium forums.

8. Double poker chips. Your poker chips will go up twice as fast as a premium member. For more information on poker chips please see THIS THREAD.

9. First access to new features. When we get ready to roll out new features, often times we will let premium members "test out" these features before they are made available to everybody.


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The arcade is definitely the biggest benefit to being a premium member. You'll probably spend a ton of time in there going for high scores.

I never knew about the double poker chips thing. I definitely like that.


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Yeah I've had a green name since like 5 days after I joined, the arcade is definitely my favorite of all of the premium benefits though double poker chips, and bigger avatar are also really cool, it's definitely worth getting 100 posts just to get all of the benefits.


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I guess I'll just have to wait a few more days.


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Wow thats alot of stuff. I cant wait til i get there!!!!! only 13 to go :D
Looks like you should make it very soon, just wanted to be the first to say congrats. Check out the arcade for sure too by the way.


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Unfortunately, even at my current rate it looks like the merge will give me the posts I need before I can do it here.