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Discussion in 'Music' started by barfootboards, Mar 22, 2006.

  1. well i haven't seen a thread for them so far, and i was kind of surprised

    i personly love them, not my favorite but they are very good, their older music is alot better then their newer music but the new music is still very good as well. In fact my favorite is Holiday, which is new. Anywho, your opinions?

  2. oxyMORON

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    I'm not a BIG fan, but I just think that they're way too overrated, maybe recieved too much media attention. Still, they do have some good songs. I like Time of Your Life.
  3. Merc

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    Honestly . . . I think they suck something hard. Especially their new stuff. The old stuff was bearable (never been too much of a punk fan) yet funny whereas now they seem like Good Charlotte Version 2.0 .
  4. well like i said their old music is better then their new music, but thats all about opinion, not everyone can like them
  5. panik100

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    *ahem* Time for my entrance...

    Green Day is my favorite band of all time. They were not the first punk band I listened to, in fact it has only been 4 or 5 years since I jumped on their bandwagon. No other band has done more for the punk rock genre than Green Day. Dookie was their landmark, and American Idiot was their comeback. They have shown time and time again that they will not die or go away easily. How often do you see bands stay together for 17 years? The Beatles, who some regard as the greatest band in history, didn't stay together for 17 years. When I saw them in concert, it was the most explosive show I had ever witnessed. Most bands will just come on stage, play their music with no encores, and leave. Green Day not only delivers a heck of a show, but acknowledges the fans constantly, getting them hyped up as much as possible. The bottom line is that Green Day is an extremely accomplished band of our time and they deserve respect.
  6. Sorayoushi

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    Greenday isn't that bad. I don't have a particular favorite band. I like American Idiot.
  7. lmao, i knew you find this thread sooner or later panik
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    Green Day is a good band. They first came on the scene when I was in high school; like 10 years ago. Their music has matured as they have, most younger listeners don't care for their newer stuff because they are inserting their political views into their music. I for one, like that they have matured musically without losing the sound they are known for.
  9. panik100

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    I think inserting their political views not only made them better, but it set the new standard for other bands to follow. In the wake of recent times, it's risky for bands to express their views on things like the government and the war. Green Day took the risk and told the world what they thought, and people are either with them or against them. Also, the music is a lot better because there's real emotion behind it. If you're angry for whatever reason, aren't you more likely to perform better at what you're doing (except playing chess)? They were driven by a lot of things to create American Idiot, and it is definitely the masterpiece of their career.
  10. as described in your Sig no doubt

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