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Greatest Wrestling Angles


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This is inspired from the Top 5 thread however there is no minmum or maximum of numbers.

What in your mind are the greatest angles/storylines you have ever seen? It can be from any era, any promotion that you wish to choose from.

1. The Invasion - I know that the Invasion was roundly bashed and to be fair there were a lot of good reasons to bash it but I still like the storyline. To me it was a story line that was a very good idea and was entertaining but was badly executed. It could have been so much more but in retrespect it was handeled badly in terms of booking.

2. Hulk Hogan / Vince Russo - Bash at the Beach - I still love the story and the background of this. With Vince coming out slagging off Hogan, saying a lot of things that were to an extent true and Vince putting on the preformance of his life. It may not have been worth getting sued over but damn, that was a good spot on the part of Russo.

3. Rock vs HHH - For this I am going to draw on from Wrestlemania 16 untl the end of 2001. I cannot think of a better pairing than Rock and Trips, the two men who could legitimatlly claim to be the biggest and the best in the business at that time makes me long for one more match but sadly it just doesn't look like it is going to happen.

4. Matt Hardy vs Jeff Hardy - So okay, this was cheesy as a packet of Doritos and neither man really did much after this angle but I still love it. Both men had so much passion, it felt so real and you could tell that both men were really up for it and really gave it there all. It may not be the best but it's one I remember loving at the time.

5. Edge vs Matt Hardy - This could be seen as the death of Matts career because of how he acted (though who could blame him) or it could be seen as the greatest thing to happen to Matt. It was relateable, it was real and Matt got so much sympathy from the crowd because we knew it was real and both Matt and Edge really put everything on the line.


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One of my favorite angles that I've recently watched back is anything involving Ric Flair vs Terry Funk in 1989, following the epic trilogy between Flair and Ricky Steamboat for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship. From Terry Funk attacking Flair after Wrestlewar because he refused to give Funk a title match to Funk trying to suffocate Flair with a plastic bag during a tag match to the massive brawl following their Great American Bash match, also involving Sting & The Great Muta....culminating in a GREAT I Quit Match at Clash of the Champions. 1989 was one, if not THE best year for Ric Flair.


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To me, the greatest Angle is wrestling is Vince vs. Austin. Boss vs. Employee. Didn’t get better than that. A lot of us in the past have probably wanted to hit our superior, well, in this angle Austin did more than that. He made Vince life a living hell. He gave him a beer bath, he crushed his car with cement, he destroyed his limousine, and the list goes on and on. No better angle than that one in my opinion. It had everything you ever wanted.


The return shall be legenday!
It's not the best or my favourite, but putting the WWF strap on Mankind couldn't of worked out any better for them, and was arguably the greatest game changer for company.

Speaking of game changers, the Shockmaster comes in a close second in terms of greatest angles


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2011's Summer of Punk - I got a couple of friends to watch wrestling again because of that promo in Las Vegas.