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What do you think is the greatest sporting event/moment of all time?

Things to consider: Spectacle, atmosphere, importance, influence or just a personal favourite!

I'd have to say that... The 'Fight of The Century' - Ali vs Frazier at Madison Square Garden is was the greatest sporting event of all time. I don't think there's ever been such anticipation for a match, or so much personal rivalry between participants and the social aspects of the match really did divide the whole country.


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I would say the either your choice or the Rumble in the Jungle.

Ali fought a beast of a man in the shape of Foreman,Ali at at that point had only been beaten by two men Frazier and Norton,yet the young foreman had beaten both of these fighters in two rounds with his devastating power.

Ali showed his true worth in that fight not just as a boxer but as intelligent fighter,leaning on the ropes saving his energy while Foreman punched himself out out looking that one punch knockout,the Rope a Dope was born.

The entire boxing world thought that Ali did not have a chance against the younger stronger foreman,and Ali shocked them all by taking the title.
I would have to say it is one of my personal favourite moments in boxing.


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Wow, that's hard to say because there's been so many great events in the history of sports.

Here's a few that I enjoy

Jesse Owens sticks it to Hitler in the 1936 Nazi Olympics.
Don Larsen perfect game in 1956 World Series
Ali vs Frazier " Fight of the Century"
1958 NFL Championship game Baltimore Colts vs New York Giants

That's all for now, more to come later.


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1927 US Open, Brit Varden VS Ouilmette, deffinately the greatest game ever played. Very important game. Under dog Oiulmette, risen as a lower middle class boy, but rose through the ranks of Golf in but one game, and he takes on Veteran Henry Varden, and defeats him by one stroke. Its a classical and ultimate story of the underdog.
2008 Olympic Games
"Black Power" fist at the 1968 Olympic games
1958 NFL Championship aka. Greatest Game Ever
2000 Super Bowl
2007 Super Bowl
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World Cup 2006
2002 Olympic Hockey Tournament
World Cup 1998 :madame:

Actually every World Cup (football aka soccer) is such a spectacular sporting event. No wonder it's widely watched around the world. I'm already excited for the next one, WC 2010.