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Discussion in 'Baseball' started by Babe_Ruth, Dec 6, 2007.

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    Which player do you think had the most productive single season and why? You have to include everything, Home Runs, Hits, Runs Batted In, Batting Average, Fielding ect. Please do not include Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa or Barry Bonds in your decision, because they were all using steroids when they had their best season.

    I think this should be an interesting thread, so let's try to make it work.

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    Barry Bonds, 1993. 207 OPS+ in a fully intergrated league, stole 28 bases, and fielded superbly. James Credits him with 47 WinShares--which hasn't been topped by a non-alleged juicer yet. The only one who topped Bonds in 93 was Bonds himself in 01-04. The last one who had that many Winshares was mantle in 61. For such a weak league as some claim, and massive steroid abuse, you would think someone other than Bonds himself would top that season--but it hasn't happened.
  3. Babe Ruth, 1921. Easy choice for me.

    He scored 177 runs, a record which has never seriously been challenged, even with the expanded season. He got 119 extra-base hits, which is also still a record. He was walked a robust 145 times, and he still managed to get 44 doubles, 16 triples (so much for his being a pigeon-toed blimp), 59 HR's and 204 total hits. I realize that after awhile, incredible stats become somewhat numbing, as your eyes glaze over and the numbers roll off your back, but those are unreal stats.

    And look, Ma, no PED's!
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    Others that Should be mentioned: Babe Ruth, 1921, Mantle 56 and 57, Bonds 92, Cobb 1917, Ted 1941, just to name a few. Thomas 94 would probably be on that list, but the strike shortened it.
  5. Ruth in 1920, 1921, 1923 and 1927, if not also 1924, are all legit contenders. So are Williams in 1942, Musial in 1948 and maybe Wagner in 1908.

    I agree with you about Thomas and the unfortunate lockout/strike of 1994, but the same thing is true of Schmidt in 1981, I believe.
  6. The_Kid

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    My slate of Candidates for Best Hitting Seasons by a Position Player
    1. Ruth,1921-----2.07----1.43-----1.29---239---16--24.79---53---9.8
    2. Ruth, 1920----2.08----1.47-----1.27---256---16--28.83---51--10.0
    3. Bonds, 2001---2.04 ---1.57-----1.27---262---09--20.82---54--12.2
    4. Ruth, 1923----1.96----1.55-----1.39---239---16--22.2----55--11.2
    5. Bonds, 2002---1.96----1.77-----1.45---275---09--20.6----49--11.2
    6. Williams, 1941-1.88----1.61-----1.52---235---16--22.1----42---8.8
    7. Gehrig,1927---1.91----1.34-----1.30---221---07--17.17---44---9.1
    8. Yaz, 1967-----1.77----1.38-----1.38---195---21--16.81---42---6.5
    9. Wagner,1908--1.76----1.38-----1.48---205---19--18.42---59--10.2
    10. Cobb,1911---1.73----1.38-----1.53---196---22--20.74---47---6.4
  7. Kid: Not looking to start an argument here, since my point of view is well known. Just asking what's meant as a more-or-less "yes" or "no" question:

    Do you actually give Bonds full credit for those seasons?
  8. The_Kid

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    No, certainly not. I give him about 50% credit for those seasons.
  9. Sultan_1895-1948

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    So, in 2004, rather than an OPS of 1.421, you credit him with .7105? His 45 homers become 23, and so on? What do you mean by 50%, and have you considered projecting a decline based on what he'd done previously instead?
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    i think that the greatest hands down season is one that is almost forgotten... Hack Wilson, 1930. The stats are like this...
    G- 155
    R- 146
    H- 208
    AVG- .356
    BB- 105
    HR- 56
    2B- 35
    RBI- 191

    Also, 423 total bases, .723 SLG, and only 84 strikeouts.

    This season is beyond remarkeable. He led the cubs to a second place finish, with 90 wins, and averaged more than a hit a game, and get this... more than half of his hits were either a double or a homerun. The only reason that Hack Wilson did not get the MVP that season is that there was no MVP voting. Also, the RBI mark is a record that still stands, as it has for almost 80 years. The closest to reaching it that anyone ever got was 184, by Lou Gehrig. The closest anyone in the last 60 years has come is Manny Ramirez in 1999 with 165.
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