Greatest season of all time?


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There's been a lot of great seasons by so many players out there in the History of Baseball.

But in your opinion what do you believe was the greatest single season by a player of all time?

Once again, please explain why you chose that answer, and give me the numbers of that season.
I would have to pick one of Babe Ruth's seasons. The guy was hitting more home runs than some teams. Bonds actually had some higher years of adjusted ops+, but I pretty much discredit those years because of performance enhancing drugs.

So, I would go with either Ruth 1920, or 1921. I'll pick 1920. Ruth batted .376, had an on base % of .533, and slugged .849. He hit 54 home runs, and that was more than any single team in all of baseball, with the exception of one team, Philadelphia.


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I stick with the one I've chosen over the years.
Babe Ruth, 1921 season.
BA---------------.378 The second highest in his career .393 in 1923
Slugging----------.846 The second highest in his career .849 in 1920
OBA--------------.512 His 5th highest .545- .532- .516 -.513
OPS--------------1.359 His second best 1.379 1920
ISO---------------.469 His second best .472 1920
Hits---------------.204 His second best 205 1923
Doubles------------44 His second best 45 1923
Triples-------------16 best
Home runs---------59 second best 60------1927
EBHs--------------119 best and still a record
Total bases-------457-best, the record
Runs scored-------177 the record
RBI----------------171 His best
Runs created-------243 best the record.

This was no doubt his greatest all around season and as I see it, the best ever
Never has a hitter scored and batted in 170 or more runs in the same season and no hitter ever scored more than 167 runs
His EBH's, runs scored and total bases are still records, 86 years later.
Add to that, he scored those 177 runs before he had Gehrig follow him in the line up.

One note, we know he hit 60 in 1927 but the story about 1921.
February 1921 Babe predicts he'll hit 60 in the 1921 season.
He finished with 59.
July 1921 he hit a ball into the RF bleachers, a fan attempting to catch the ball knocked it back on to the playing field. Under todays rules, fan interference, a home run.
If there is any doubt, the prediction or lost home run, I will gladly send a copy of each article from the NY Times news archives.

Not the rule in 1927, Ruth was sent back to second base, a double.
He would have made good on his prediction if not for that lost home run.
If not for having lost those two total bases for the season, his slugging would have been .850, his RBI 172 and his runs scored 178

Before Ali, there was Babe Ruth, who was brash at times and confident, he talked it up but often backed up his words.

One side note, Babe talking it up again. In June of 1921 Babe and Ty Cobb almost come to blows, Cobb with some nasty name calling.
Babe asks his manager if he could pitch the next game, the next day, he wants to face Cobb from the mound.
First at bat, Cobb walks and taunts Babe from first base.
Second at bat, Babe strikes out Cobb, satisfied he leaves the mound and goes to the outfield.
Yanks win 13-8 and in that game Ruth hits two home runs to dead center field, both around 450 feet.
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I'll vote for Babe Ruth, 1921. He hit .378, with a .512 ob% and a .846 slg%. He scored 177 runs and drove in 171. (Even Barry's huge seasons couldn't approach those totals.) He broke his own HR record with 59. Only two other TEAMS in the AL hit that many that year! In fact, Ruth hit over 12% of all the homers in the AL that year.

He created 229 runs - other than Bonds, no one else has created more than 208 in a season.

On top of all that, he hit 16 triples, stole 17 bases and won 2 games as a pitcher, leading his team to the World Series.

Just based on stats, I'd say Ruth, 1920, '21, '23', '24 even 1927 was very impressive.

So I have to go with Babe Ruth in 1921 as the greatest season of all time.


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Josh Gibson's 1931 season (I believe) in which he hit 75 homers, and drove in something along teh lines of 220-odd RBI's. He also batted in the high .390's or something like that.


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If we don't account for steroids, I'd say one of Barry Bonds' seasons. Hard to say which one, maybe 2002. Hard to argue with
.370 BA .582 OB .799 SLG & 268 OPS+ is obscene.

If you do penalize Bonds for steroids, I'd say Ruth's 1921 season is probably the best.
His '20 numbers were probably a little better, but he played 10 more games in '21, which is valuable to a team.