Greatest quick fight


Sultan of Swat
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A fight lasting three rounds or less, what are the greatest ever?

Jack Dempsey-Luis Angel Firpo
Marvin Hagler-Thomas Hearns
Kendall Holt-Ricardo Torres

Can you think of anything else?


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George Foreman taking Smoking Joe Frazier pieces, six knockdowns in 2 rounds has to be up there.
Tyson beating Berbick in the second round for the title, berbick litterly did not have a clue where he was.


Sultan of Swat
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I have to agree with Wolfheart on Tyson vs Birbick. I watched the match again yesterday and Tyson dominated most of the match. I got to give props to Berbick for not going down on some of the heavy punches Tyson was throwing. But when he landed the last one for the TKO, it was just amazing.


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Tszu Juddah has to be one of the funniest!....

As for the ones that haven't been mentioned...

Julian Jackson Terry Norris
Terry Norris John Mugabe
Earnie Shavers Ken Norton
Nigel Benn Iran Barkley
Tommy Hearns Roberto Duran
Tommy Hearns Pipino Cuevas
Gerald McClellan Julian Jackson 1&2
Jack Dempsey Jess Willard