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Greatest player of your favourite team?


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
My favourite team is the Montreal Canadiens - if you know their history then you know they had a lot of legendary players play for them,

For me, it's Beliveau. Reason being is that Beliveau's all around game trumps Richard's. Not to mention he was a more dangerous offensive machine than Richard. Beliveau led the NHL in goals twice, yet he was a better playmaker. Richard relied far more on goals than playmaking.

Not to mention, he is the only player in NHL history to be the best player on two different dynasties. Unbelievable.


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As a Blackhawks fan I'd go with Bobby Hull as a former Whalers fan it's Ron Francis.


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Habs fan. If you follow me on twitter - you will see my cover photo and the "5 in a row" ring by one of the greatest captains in Habs history. I am currently wearing his shirt... Beliveau. I mean... in order to get him on the Canadiens, the Canadiens had to buy an entire league to get him to sign. The signing of Beliveau is what created the "farm system" that we all know and love. It was the main factor why the Canadiens won a truckload of Cups during that era (not because they had territorial rights like some jealous neanderthals would suggest).

If I had to pick my favourite player on the Habs right now... I couldn't. Can I pick Price, Subban, Gallagher, Galchenyuk, Pacioretty and Eller and call them "one player" ?


The return shall be legenday!
As a HABS fan, I'll personally take Beliveau. They were both fantastic players, but I think Beliveau had the better career. Richard was more important as an icon, which sees him held in higher regard.