Movies Greatest Movie ever made?


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In your opinion, what is the best movie ever made? Now I don't want you to select your favorite movie. Be realistic here. E.G Jurassic Park isn't the best movie ever made.

In my opinion Gone With The Wind is the best movie ever made. It has everything, love, tragedy, triumph, comedy ect. Also the movie was very advance for a movie that was made in the late 30's.

Here are a few honorable mentions:

Citizen Kane


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So what if someone thinks Jurassic Park is the greatest? Why tell people what they can't say?

I'd have to think about this real hard, but immediately, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade comes to my mind.


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Wow that's hilarious you mention Jurassic Park because that was going to be my answer...I sware to God.
In the OP, I can't force myself to say such movies. I never enjoyed any of those, and I find them absolutely boring. That's just what I think about those typical movies that get listed in "Greatest Movies Ever" topics.

For me, I think Saving Private Ryan is possibly the greatest movie ever. It was wonderfully casted, the scenes were powerful, the scenery was amazing and from beginning to end was terrific. Second would go to Gladiator or Brave Heart.


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When I saw the thread title, I already know it was not going to be easy to pick from the ones I have in mind. I did have Gone with the Wind on the top portion of my list but maybe I'm just biased since I love the book/movie (it doesn't necessarily mean it's the greatest made).


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I think that what MJ excuse me BR is getting at here is from a critical standpoint, not what movie appealed to you personally. If you think that Jurassic Park was a great film, not just that the story compelled you, give reasons why.

My vote is for Casablanca - everything about it was great - the acting, the cinematography, the story line, classic lines, and believable characters.
Oh no you didn't! This question always kills me.

For sentimental reasons or funsome, I'd go with Big (Tom Hanks) or Swingers but as a pure godly film; The Godfather has to be up there. Gone With the Wind, The Matrix (1st one. OK, perhaps not best ever but one of my most watched), 12 Angry Men, Goodfellas? No I honestly couldn't even pick one. I'd struggle with a top 10.