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Greatest Motivator in sports


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In your opinion who is the greatest leader/motivator/captain in sports history. Someone that is/was great at bringing out the best of his players. Please limit yourself to one player and not a coach.

The greatest captain of any sport, any time period is Mark Messier. He led on the ice and in the dressing room. His skill, willpower and ability to carry a team especially in the playoffs were unmatched by any player in any sport, other than perhaps Michael Jordan.

In 25 years Messier played 1,756 games, and tallied 694 goals, 1,193 assists for a total of 1,887 points He's also second all time in playoff points. And he wasn't just a scorer, he'd stand up for his teammates, too racking up 1,910 penalty minutes.

He won 6 Stanley Cups: 5 in Edmonton (including one in 1990 without Gretzky), and then carried the Rangers to their first Cup in 54 years in 1994.

No one else has ever captained two different teams to a championship.

His leadership is so legendary, the NHL actually created an award to memorialize it the Mark Messier Leadership Award given to the player who bestleads by example on the ice and motivates his teammates.​
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In recent memory I would probably say Tim Tebow, just for what he did in college. He was definitely a great leader and motivator. Obviously he had a great career and won a Heisman and two national titles, but I believe a big reason for his success is because of his leadership and inspiring his teammates to play as hard as he did.


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To me, Ray Lewis is the "Greatest Motivator of All-Time".

He never took a play off, and if he seen you take a play off.. he got into your face and you never did it again. He is one of the, if not the most intense linebacker to ever play the game. He is going to go down as arguably the best linebacker in the history of the National Football League. In his 15-years, he's made 100+ tackles every year except two, in which he played only 5 and 6 games due to injury but was on pace to get 150+ and 100+ those years as well.

The guy plays the game the way it should be, and his pre-game speeches make the hair on the back of you neck stand up. On the field, he gives you 120% and will die for his teammates (or kill for them ;)). He makes your defense better before he even steps onto the field.

His resume speaks for itself as well.

1,900+ tackles, 12-Pro Bowls, 7-time All-Pro, 2-time Second All-Pro and 2-time Defensive Player of the Year, Super Bowl Champion/MVP.