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I was wondering what was your greatest baseball moment of all time and why? Please include a description why you love that moment so much, it doesn't need to be your favorite team, or your favorite player.

I'll post mine later tonight.

I'm a huge Phillies fan, but for me the best moment I ever witnessed was when Cal Ripken Jr broke the most consecutive games played record. No better person could have broke that record, Ripken Jr was such a class act and perfect role model for kids. (as far as teaching us never to quit, or take games off) Ripken Jr deserves all the praise he always got and still gets, there will never be another one like him as far as being an iron man. Too many overpaid babies that just in it for the money these days. Same reason there will never be a 30 win pitcher in the league again! (same topic that was being discussed in another thread)


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For me, all times when great proadcasting calls where made are my favorite historic moments. My favorites (in no particular order):

Joe Carter 1993: "Touch 'em all, Joe!"

The Shot Heard Round the World: "Giants win the pennant, Giants win the pennant, Giants win the pennant, Giants win the pennant, Giants win the pennant!"

The Curse is Ended: "Faulk underhands to first...Red Sox fans have longed to here it, the Boston Red Sox are World Champions...can you believe it?!"

David Ortiz 2006: "The greatest clutch hitter in Red Sox history has done it again! Big Papi!"
Great of the most annoying quotes ever...


Well my greatest moment of All-Time was not anything that happened on the field per say, now being a Sox fan I'm beting everyone is expecting me to say 2004..............nope althought that was awesome.

I will never forget it May 24, 2002 I was at a Yankees Vs Red Sox game in Fenway. It was myself, my father and my middle brother, now my brother is mentally challenged and has a hard time controlling his actions and words sometimes. Well our seats were 2 rows behind the Yankee's dugout (my father won them at a raffle where he worked at the time) and my father and I are huge Sox fans, but my brother is like my mother..... a die hard Yankee's fan :(..................yeah you can only imagine the house during the baseball season :)

So there we are 2 Sox fans and a Yankee fan in the middle, behind the Yanks dugout at Fenway. My brothers favorite player is Alfonso Soriano and he was wearing his jersey..................Well Soriano had a fanastic day (even though the Sox won), I dont remember exactly what his numbers were, but I'm pretty sure he single handly destroyed the Sox. Everytime Soriano got up Nathan (my brother) would stand up and cheer him on in the a sea of Sox fans, rather loudly and with absolutly ZERO shame .................yeah you Sox fans can only imagine how my father and I felt, but he was having fun and that is all that counts.

It turns out that Alfonso noticed my brother cheering for him because after he blasted a homerun on his way back to the dugout he GAVE my brother his batting glove.............................he gave my freaking brother his torn batters glove...................why cant Clemens, or Manny give me something :( I even rooted for Roger as a Yank.

Anyways that is my all time favorite moment, I know to others does not mean much, but to see the smile on my brothers face was the greatest thing in the world..................even it was a Yankee that did it :)


I have a number of them.
1. The greatest call of all time has to be Russ Hodges call of Thomson's homer.
2. My personal favorite moment was Mantle's 500th. I was there to see it. And it was my 10th birthday.
3. Other favorites include
a. Chambliss' homer in 1976. ended a long drought
b. Bucky's homer in 1978
c. Boone's homer in 2003

Needless to say I am a Yankee fan. But I thought the 2003 playoffs were the greatest post season ever. The only Series that did not go the limit was the Series. I almost found myself rooting for the Red Sox to face the Cubs. It cured a lot of what was wrong with baseball.
I must admit that what happened the following year was great for baseball, too.


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I'll elaborate more later but it was when Wainwright struck out Brandon Inge to win the 2006 World Series... I was at the game.

#2 is Beltran k'ing against Wainwright in the NLCS. I'll post my non Cardinal favorite moment later


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The 1995 ALDS...Mariners had been the comeback kids all season, and started out the series down 2-0 against New York heading back into Seattle. In a couple of thrillers, the M's managed to bring it back to a 2-2 series tie, in anticipation of a wild 5th game, a game that would go into extra innings. the yanks would take the lead by one going into the bottom half of the inning. Joey Cora led off with a bunt single to the right side, just beating it out. Griffey followed with a single up the middle, sending Cora over to third. Then...Edgar Martinez, and Mr. Dave niehaus on the call:

"Swung on and LINED DOWN THE LEFTFIELD LINE FOR A BASE HIT! Here comes comes Junior to third base...they're gonna wave him in! The throw to the plate will beee....LATE! THE MARINERS ARE GOING TO PLAY FOR THE AMERICAN LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP! I DON'T BELIVE IT, IT JUST CONTINUES, MY OH MY!!


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Here's another moment that I would consider one of the greatest of all time. It was during the 2001 ALCS playoffs it was the New York Yankees vs the A's and Jeremy Giambi was on first base and Terrence Long was at bat and he hit a ball in right field and Giambi tried to score from first base and Spencer threw the ball towards home plate and and Jeter came all the way from his position to cut the ball off and flipped it to Posada and Giambi was tagged out. It was simply amazing.