Greatest Moment in (sports team's) history


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I believe this as a chance to be a real good thread. Obviously people will be entitled to their own opinions, but we can still counter with something else.

Here's a few of them to start off.

49ers - The Catch
Packers - The Ice Bowl
Dolphins - Perfect Season
Blue Jays - Carter's Homer
Pirates - Maz's Homer

Obviously these are some pretty easy ones, but lets keep it going.

You can name any franchise from all four Major Sports, or College Football/College Basketball teams.
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The Sox winning their first World Series in how many decades?
Since 1918, so what.. almost 10 decades?

You'll have to throw in the two 3-peats with the Bulls. That was one of the greatest moment's in sports history.

The Falcon's beating the Vikings in the 1998 NFC Championship game. The Vikings were the favorites going into the playoffs after finishing 15-1, also having one of the best kickers in history. This could also fall under "The Biggest Upsets of All-Time"


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Here's some more:

Nuggets - Mutombo clutching the ball and crying after Game 5 against the Sonics in 1994.

Avalanche - Uwe Krupp with the triple OT goal to beat Florida in 1996.

Rockies - Holliday's face plant at home and, for whatever reason, being called safe in the 2007 playoff against the Padres.

Broncos - Elway's helicopter in Super Bowl XXXII.

Pacers - Reggie scores 8 points in 8.9 seconds.


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A few more, hopefully more people can add to the list as well.

Leafs: George Armstrong's empty netter that clinched the 1967 Cup, the team's fourth in six years but the final one of the 20th century and well beyond.

Bills: Mike Stratton's tackle of Keith Lincoln in the 1964 AFL Championship game. One of the hardest hits in history.

Universite of California: The Play

Boston College: Flutie to Phelan


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NFL: Patriots - Winning their first superbowl by driving half the field in the final minute to win


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You'd think it would be the no-call against the Raiders in the 2001 Playoffs.


I wonder what is the Yankees greatest moment in team history. Maybe buying Babe Ruth from the Red Sox?