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Discussion in 'NFL' started by Babe_Ruth, Oct 7, 2007.

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    A pretty simple question for you guys. What's the Greatest Game of all time that you ever watched? And why is that game so great to you. My choice has to be 49ers beating the Denver Broncos during SuperBowl XXIV by winning 55-10. It was an amazing game, and haven't seen such a dominace during a superbowl. It's still the biggest lupsidded win in SuperBowl history. The way that Joe Montana beat the Broncos defence was a work of art.

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    I'm biased, but Super Bowl XXXIV. As a young kid, after watching the cinderella Rams the whole season and being a big fan of Marshall Faulk, I was already seeing my favorite team in the Super Bowl agianst the Titans.

    For the first half, it looked as if it was going to a blowout in the Rams favor. However, in the second half, Steve McNair, along with the help of running back Eddie George, willed the Tennesee Titans all the way back to tie the game at 16.

    With the Rams having lost their momentum for the game as it had transcended to the Titans favor, Kurt Warner dropped back for a pass and bombed a pass to future HOFer Isaac Bruce for a 73-yard touchdown with 114 ticks left in the game.

    But the game wasn't even nearly over. The Titans, having a long field to travel up, refused to hand the game over to the Greatest Show on Turf. McNair flicked passes down the field; and on 3rd and 5, another Rams stop would make it 4th down. McNair, setting up in the shotgun, took the snap and probed the field. Two Rams defenders nail McNair but he escapes and lets loose of a 16-yard pass to set up shop at the Rams' 10-yard line.

    6 seconds left; the inevitable is about to happen. Steve McNair, sets up in shotgun again; Wide Out Kevin Dyson scampers across the middle of the field and catches a pass -- he pushes to the end zone but is tackled at the 1-yard-line by Who? Mike Jones.

    I'll never forget that.
  3. Swiftstrike

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    Im not from St. Louis I loved the Faulk era with the Rams and that was probably one of the greatest football games I can recall. I still remember Mike Jones Tackle.

    I also thought the Cincinatti and Cleveland shootout this year was up there.
  4. Superbowl 36. The cinderalla Pats knocking off the favored Rams. Tom Brady official out coming. A good performance he had which started his legendary hall of fame career. The way he took apart the greatest show on turf was amazing. And the drive which got the pats the victory, classic. Simply classic.
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    Not diminishing Tommy's performance, but he only passed for 107 yards and a TD. The heroic performance that I credit him the most for, is what he done during that last drive, just tossing the ball around the whole defense.

    The ones who took apart the greatest offensive of all-time was Bill Belichick's brains and the Patriots' defensive heart and ability to put the pressure on Warner and lock down Faulk the best they could (even if it did mean holding him.)

    I cannot fathom why, that everytime Faulk was held in the backfield by McGinnest, it was never called by the refs. All the unnecessary roughness on Kurt Warner. All of that. It was annoying, but the Rams ultimately lost to the better team. I just wish we all knew how it would have ended with some rightful calls being made.
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    Bills vs. Oliers 1993 Playoffs, game was known as the "comback"

    Buffalo was down 38-3 and ended up winning 41-38. Single greatest game I've ever watched. If you'ved never seen it they play it on espn classic alot
  7. Vincent_Valentine

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    All of the best games I have seen have been college games. Last years Fiesta Bowl between Boise State and Oklahoma was amazing. The 2002 National Championship game between OSU and Miami of Florida was an amazing game as well.

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