Movies Greatest acting performance?


Sultan of Swat
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Which actor or actress do you think gave the best acting performance and why? It doesn't have to be your favorite actor.

For me it's Russell Crow Gladiator. First I didn't want to give that movie a chance, it looked boring to me, second I didn't know who Russell Crow was so that's another reason I didn't care to much for the film. Then I actually watched it and it was simply amazing, Crow did an amazing job portraying his character, and the passion he showed in that film was amazing. Just a supperb job in active from his part.

What about you guys?


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I'd say James Gandolfini for the entire Sopranos series as Tony Soprano. His ability to display an entire range of emotions was amazing. He really made Tony Soprano feel like a real person, and that's definitely not an easy character to be.