Great things about America



I just wanted to start a thread that focused only on the good things about america and what we've done. This is in response to all of the negitive stuff posted recently. Ill start it off.

-our freedoms: Our bill of rights, more spicificall the 1st ammendment, gives us the ability to take for granted what other nations would kill to have. Having a free press and the ability to say what we want without fear of imprisonment is what makes this country a shining star among all the free nations of the world. we are the ones who's influence has put a stop to a lot of tyranny because of the success of our system.
~John Locke


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Our right to bear arms, the ample supply of food, clean water and the highest tech medical care in the world. Hot girls in skimpy clothes in the summer time. Bars and lots of them. Baseball, football and all American sports. Our freedom of speech, religion and assembly.


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I love the 4th of July, because while I'm not in any way shape or form a fan of GWBush and cronies, I have the freedom to say that without fear of reprisal.

And chuck, might I add not just freedom of religion, but freedom from religion as well.


America doesn't completely suck. We are lagging in our freedoms, our economy isn't doing all that it should, we basically are a great nation in need of reform and proposals to make things efficient and effective.


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I'm not American (but German) and I believe America is a great country. But a country of extremes: America has made and still makes great achievements for the benefit of the whole of mankind, but when something stinks in America, it really stinks.

I admire the American values, which contain the strong belief in freedom and the constitutional state. Sure, America has made many mistakes and is still making them (for example, messing up Iraq and extralegally detaining and torturing innocent people), but so far, America's people was always very proud of its values and eventually corrected these mistakes. I am sure this will happen in the named cases as well.

So you Americans have all reason to be proud today, celebrating your country. You have achieved a lot, thanks to America, I can live in freedom and wealth today. Thank you.

Just take care your justified pride doesn't derive to self-righteousness, jingoism and mischief, and you'll do well for another 300 years. :)


I see that someone is a big patriotic. I can't help but wonder if such a claim is a bit too irrationally patriotic though. America has some great qualities but it can be and NEEDS to be better. We are not as free as we think we are, and not as free as we could be.