Great thanks for this rather international site!


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I've been coming to this forum for quite a while already, and finally, I realized why I always kept coming back, although I've sometimes been dragged more to other forums. This site is special, and I want to thank all of you -- staff and fellow posters, a really huge "thank you", because you make this site special:

It seems there is a great atmosphere of mutual respect and tolerance here, compared to other sides, and especially hardly any bad feelings towards anyone just because of his or her nationality or religion. And this site is much more international than many other English language forums.

Of course there are sometimes heated debates with some good deal of hostility, and I certainly contributed to that often enough, I admit that. But even when there was a heated disagreement, I never felt I was treated unfairly. Sometimes, I pointed it out when I believed someone is making a bad argument or unfair accusation, and nobody told me I don't have a right to do that, just because of my nationality. When my arguments were bad, or I crossed a line, I was deservedly slapped for that, but always as individual. I don't remember a single time when someone attacked me for my nationality or my religious views. If anybody here doesn't like me, I am convinced it is because of my individual behavior, and not because someone takes me hostage for any group of people I belong to.

And that is worth really a lot. I've mad much worse experiences on other forums, where, for example, people were and are unfairly attacked, just for being European or German. Also, I've hardly ever met so much tolerance regarding religious believes as here, compared to a few others forums.

So again, a huge thank you for you all making this place a really great place to stay, and for making it so international.

Just felt this had to be said. :)


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you know its funny. I'll be the first to admit that my initial impression of you was a pompous asshole. But thats just an immature reaction on my part because I envied you're posting style in MD.

However it feels like the last week or two I've had an opportunity to meet the Sim outside of MD and quite frankly I find you to be a pretty good guy.

Kudo's to you good sir.


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Well, said, Sim! By pointing out the atmosphere of respect so prevalent here on GF, you've just made me appreciate the site all the more. May I never take such a good thing for granted!


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Great post Sim. Just want to remind everyone that I was the one who recruited him to the forums. See, I don't always get members like kcdad. From time to time I get some good ones.

But in all seriousness, I've always told you that you should come here more often, and if you gave them a chance you'd enjoy yourself. I know we're not has active as some of the forums you go to, but we're trying to improve that.

Thanks for the kind words.


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Don't toot your own horn, BR. As much as you recruit, you're bound to get some gems in that pile of crap. :p

But yeah, I agree. I've never seen anyone discriminated against because of their nationality. I really like it here because I am fascinated by other cultures and feel like I get to learn a lot about them here. I also have made a fair amount of good friends here, as well.


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I don't know him personally, I just recruited him from another message board. The only member that I know in real life that I brought over General Forum/Fusion Central was my brother.


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I'm going to have to say Anita is the best recruiter because, well, she recruited me:p

In all seriousness good post Sim. I've always respected your posts even though we disagree a lot and it's gotten a little heated from time to time. You are passionate about your stances and that I can respect.