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Great Site for Gamers (counter strike)


Registered Member
This is my sons clan site...really cool for PC gamers. Anybody play Counter strike and wanna get into a cool clan...you may wanna check it out :warp:


Lots of stuff in there...lil movies he made, forum, polls, and some other fun stuff! Thanks for checking it out! He may also sell ad space again around the end of May.


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Staff member
Interesting. I played Counter-Strike quite a bit back before I sold my videocard to make room for my new $600 one that I ended up never getting off of eBay.. (long story).

Right now I only have a 32 meg card so I can't play. Once I get a new one I will have to jump in some games with them. :)


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I have never tried Counter Strike. I do however play World of Warcraft, EQ2 and Guild Wars. My hubby is into SWG. We have about 6 open accounts between me, my hubby and my son. The $16.00 per month, per account is a bit high. But its really the only thing we do for entertainment.
Will check out your sons clan site and will look into Counter Strike.

Have a great day!


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ope!! Doting Momma..gotta bring my boy up to the top so you won't forget to chech out his REALLY COOL site!! So, ummmm go see it! hurry hurry, run along now.... :warp:


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Already did .Its in the favorites


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Oh the hubby would LOVE this! But......I won't teach him to use the puter so he's SOL :D He has PSII and XBox but if he had any idea what was out there for PC games I'd never ever see this thing again! MINE MINE MINE!!!! (besides he's a horrible student and just teaching him to use windows would be cause for divorce court) I did get him reading email once when I took the kid to FL. He never did figure out how to reply :D The guy is great at what he does but anything electronic/tools etc? Forgettaboutit! Good thing I'm my Daddy's girl!

<has power tools and knows how to use them>


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This is MY CLAN site that I made. Clan F10 rocks!! It is the best and if you know another clan that will play us, WE WILL OWN THEM!!! :tough: