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Discussion in 'Music' started by Relinquished, May 12, 2008.

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    Ok so first of all you need to get something out of your system.. so laugh away but only for a bit. I'm a 17 yr old Librarian.

    Right now.. I'm always into extending my music taste and finding the next band to call my Favourite EVER!!! lol

    Happened to have a bit of time on the Enquiries Desk, where if there's nothing to do, you have a bit of prat around on the library site and find out where things are etc.

    Happened to find a really great site for finding new bands, basically you type in the name of the band you like i.e. Disturbed for me and hit enter.

    What magically appears is a 'map' of different bands of similar sound genre etc. obviously the further away you go from the centre or band you typed in the less similar they are but still..

    I'll put a link to the site in, or at least copy the address for you.

    liveplasma music, movies, search engine and discovery engine


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