Great or Great Great Grandparents?


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Did you ever meet, or are your great or great great grandparents still alive?

I never met mine. I've only known my first level grandparents on both sides.


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Never met any of them as they all died before I was born sadly. I always hear such great things about them though.

My great Grandma would have been 109 today.
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The only one I can remember is my grandmother who is still alive but I don't really see her as much as I used to. I think I might some of my other grandparents when I was little but I was to little to remember.
Nope, great+ grandparents were all gone by the time I was born. I never really hear much about them at all to be honest! I think my great grandma was a very strict lady, thats what my nan tells me anyway. and thats pretty much all I know :-/
My great grandma died in 2002. My great-great grandma died in 2004. My great grandpa is still alive.


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I've only met one: my great grandmother from my mother's side. I don't remember when she died. I was really young. I just remember having met her.


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My Great Grammy is still alive. I can remember when I was little going to my other Great Grammy's house, too. That's it though. :) And my Grandparents on both side are still alive, all four of them. I feel pretty lucky that I still have them here.
I met my great grandmother on my mothers side once or twice when I was really little. We never really saw my moms side of the family that much because they lived in Michigan and we didn't go up there that often. I forget when my great grandma died, but I remember that I was really fascinated by all of her arts and crafts stuff, so she willed it all to me. I still have some of the supplies back home somewhere.