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Great going, TNA!


Lion Rampant
I've always wanted a Rob Dan Vam t-shirt.

Can you believe the incompetence?* It's almost a metaphor for the state of TNA, much like the crash of the XFL blimp became for that venture. What other signs of a lack of professionalism have you seen within this company?

*Or, is this possibly a part of the rumored rebranding? :lol:


aka ginger warlock
To be fair to TNA it was only a mistake on the site itself and it was quickly corrected. WWE has done much worse. I can't remember which PPV it was (I think it was the Rumble this year) but they had a triple threat diva match but the third competetor was meant to be a suprise and a shock when it kicked off however it was seen around the arena that they were selling t-shirts of the triple threat match before the PPV itself, now THAT was stupid.


LoL - I didn't even notice the mistake at first. I was looking at the dragon wondering why it looked like the one from DBZ.

The only mistake that I can recall right now is last weeks RAW during the match with Primo vs Sin Cara. WWE's graphic while introducing Primo had his name as "Prim". A missing o!

I need to watch more TNA to spot more TNA mistakes. =P
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Haters gonna hate.
HAHAHAHA. I feel sorry for them. TNA has become way to sloppy as of late, and now it is showing in their merch! They need to clean up their act, or the TNA-Train will crash and burn.