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Discussion in 'Olympics' started by Major, Feb 13, 2010.

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    I've always wondered why England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Island compete together as Great Britain in the Olympics and other sports like tennis, yet in soccer they compete individually as their own countries. I'm especially curious how the people over in the UK feel about it. Would you rather see each country be represented individually?

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    I wondered why none of the big UK countries competed in the Olympics (football) but it's because the Olympics sort of force them to represent the entire GB and there's no UK football team to speak of. They have been talking about coming up with a united team for the WC, especially with 2012 coming. So maybe the default is that UK competes as that in international competitions except in sports where they have difficulty putting a group together (ex: intense rivalry, no UK football culture, etc.). I don't know about tennis though...

    Personally I'd like to see them play together on the next summer Olympics (and it's going to be in London!). It would look like an all-star football team.
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    It comes down to sports governing bodies. In sports like soccer and rugby each nation has their own representative councils. Whilst in the olympics there is only one. Why this is? is mainly down to precedent. The first modern olympics they sent a UK team and thats the way it has remained.

    Now the problem is either dividing the olympic commitee into the 4 representative states or joining the 4 governing bodies to compete united. If they compete united they would be forced to dissolve their respective leagues and countries. Fifa wont allow a Uk team and individual teams to compete. Whilst the IOC wont allow individual teams whilst UK competes.

    I dont. It would look like England with the remote possibility of 1 or 2 others occasionaly making an apperance. Population of England is 55 million with one of the best football leagues in the world. Population of Wales is 3 million with a semi-professional league.

    Allthough united as teamGB the repsective countries attention during sporting events are very much on their own athletes. Personally I would like to see the four countries compete individually. Mind you Im if the opinin thats going to happen in the near future as a side event to general devolution.
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    It would be nice for each country to be represented on their own in the Olypmics I think.
    They get represented individually in the Commonwealth games, I believe?

    I don't mind it being TeamGB as we are all combined together, but it would be nice to see each individual flag up there, although I think Scotland would suck ass as they seem to suck ass at everything anyway :hah:
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    Ive been having a loook around the net and found these;

    -TeamGB +England +Scotland +Wales



    However these are all slightly dubious as the number of contestants being allowed to enter into each competition would be restricted..... and the opposite would be true for the teamGB is each nation took there own teams it would most likely see more contestants.

    Rowing, cycling ............................. and throwing stones with sweeping bruches:lol:
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    Oooh I just read that there used to be a UK national football team (ages ago)! I didn't know that. And they even won the Olympic games.

    Ryan, does it feel the same way (or do you think it does) when people suggest UK have a unified team, and when people suggest the entire EU to have a unified team?

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