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TV Gray's Anatomy

Just curious to see anyone's thoughts on this medical drama! I only began watching it a few months back and I'm currently half way through Season 2.... and man alive I've been blown away by it! Not only is it absolutely hilarious at times it deals with some serious and thought provoking things to boot... and as a student nurse myself... it's strange that I can actually find myself relating to it a little! :lol:

So what's the general opinion?


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I've never watched it. I was never a fan of medical dramas though. Maybe I will watch one eventually to give the genre a try, but it's never been something I was attracted to much.

I also don't like watching the surgery shows. :)


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Isn't it Grey's Anatomy?

Anyways, I am with Hybrix, I never too am fan of medical drama, but I used to watch ER back then, it was pretty good, haven't watched in ages.
You're right indeed, I couldn't remember which one it was and picked the wrong one!

I wasn't really sure if I'd actually like Grey's Anatomy, it was my boyfriend who got me watching it pretty reluctantly at the start but it's actually one of the best drama series I have watched! Very cliffhanger-ish and you get really attached to the characters.... George is hilarious!

I definately advise giving it a go! :)


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I don't like this show to be frank, it just never appealed to me, it just gave off that boring scent, like nothing really interesting, besides the patients, and the whole cast, is the same through and through.

House M.D is something I could watch, which is much more better, which adds in humour to add to the serious medical drama.