Granmarg The Rock, Tuesday September 19th 2006

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In my eyes this is the Monarch of tech. It's effect isn't that great but it can get the job done.

In format that looks to be filled with Thestalos the Firestorm Monarch(Thesalos) this is a perfect opener or side deck choice.

If you use it first game your oppoent will more then likely take out thier Goldd, Wu-Lord of Dark World(s)(Gold) thinking you aren't playing Thestalos. This in turn gives you advantage when you side deck into Thestals for game 2-3.

If you side deck this then it won't be a big surprise, but may keep up advantage for you. Depending on the players skill level as well as knowledge of what you play can determine how effect it will be.

All in all the card is one that I can personally see getting play in the near future.

Taditional: 1.2-5
Adavnced: 2.5-5
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