Granderson Joins 20-20-20-20 Club

Discussion in 'Baseball' started by Babe_Ruth, Sep 10, 2007.

  1. Babe_Ruth

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    AP - Tigers center fielder Curtis Granderson joined Willie Mays and Frank "Wildfire" Schulte as the only players in major league history with 20 stolen bases, 20 homers, 20 triples and 20 doubles.

    Granderson stole his 20th base Sunday in the first inning against the Mariners, and received a rousing, standing ovation from fans in the stands and teammates in the dugout at Detroit's Comerica Park. He acknowledged fans by nodding his head and waving his hand in each direction of the ballpark

  2. Millz

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    Personally I think more people should be talking about this...this is an awesome feat.

    20 triples in one season is an amazing total.
  3. Jeanie

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    They're talking about it in detroit!

  4. Millz

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    haha I imagine that they are! Granderson is a good little player.
  5. Tigers246484

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    Granderson is a very solid player and is obviously really benefitting from that huge LF gap. Its one of those things though in order to get 20+ triples you have to have that kind of park. Not to take anything away from him, but its amazing what he is able to do given his walk to K ratios. They are terrible. Once pitchers start realizing to start his at bats with balls, he wont bat 300. He is batting .472 when the count is 0-0. That is amazing, and yet very lucky they arent starting him off with breaking balls and things out of the zone because he is a VERY free swinger. It would be interesting to see what the Tigers would be able to get for him on the open market, because with Maybin being basically the same player, with a better ceiling, power, and walk ability they are going to make room out there for both of them. It would be great if they were able to move Granderson and get a top of the rotation prospect like a PHughes/Buccholz or even go to like LA and get a package of Kemp or Loney and Bronxton. But I am sure since they wont look into "a year down the line" mentality and think they can win next year again (They are going to be older and another injury prone year with guys like Sheff, Rogers, Polanco(usually an injury candidate), Guillen, and probably TJones at this point), and thats why I think they are going to have a hard time competing next year in that division against the Indians who are not in that same situation...especially if Bonderman does have something seriously wrong with him. What will wnd up happening in the long run....Granderson hits the open market and leaves Detroit....they end up getting nothing in return for him except around 10 games over 500, but missing the playoffs next year. They could be getting a stud SP right now for him or depth, and giving Verlander and AMiller that 3rd dominate starter or another top notch bullpen guy like Bronxton, but instead we will grind it out and unless AMiller, Bonderman and Verlander are able to really CARRY that staff and team they wont have a chance at getting a playoff spot in my opinion.

    Love them to death, and I say this while biting my tongue. But the Tigers window is a short one. Its not like the Cavaliers where LeBron is young and basically anything you get around him is going to make him better. They have a great chance to do great things potentially the end of this year and next year, but after that unless Maybin can replace Sheffield, and guys like their newest draft pick Rich Porcello really pan out they will have a hard time competing with that central as the Indians get their prospects like Adam Miller up and the Twins as well. The Twins in 2 years will be probably the best team in baseball. They are going to have Santana once they resign him, Liriano, Garza, Slowey, and Baker. By far the best pitching staff in BASEBALL when they all arrive and play together even if Liriano doesnt match last years stats. Its going to be a long road for Detroit, and I love Granderson, but OF isnt really their biggest need....they need to help their aging pitching.
  6. Babe_Ruth

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    This is an amazing feat, he's the third player to every do it, which is amazing. Whenever you are mentioned with the likes of Willie Mays, you know you reached something special. I am really surprise that he has hit so many home runs. The triples are amazing as well, but playing in a hitters park like Comerica Park really helps him.
  7. andrew_bishop

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    Amazing accomplishment for sure.

    This is the first I've herd of anybody doing this but I guess im just slow lol. Granderson is one hell of a player and the Tigers are lucky to have him for sure. Just goes to show , You don't need to hit 50 homeruns in a season to be a damn good player.

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