Graham grabs his chance

Discussion in 'NBA' started by Fresh, Nov 23, 2006.

  1. Fresh

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  2. Illosophee

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    Just stating the obvious here.
  3. scottmcgrady

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    Graham is a not bad at all and could be good if given a higher role. At the moment the Raptors need anyone to come out and take the pressure of Chris Bosh, he's doing all the work.
  4. Babe_Ruth

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    He needs confidence, and last year he lost all of is confidence because he was guarding all the leading scorers from the other teams, and he always got beaten by them, and he couldn't score on them. But he played in the summer league, he practiced a lot with the coaches during the off season, and now since Mo Pete is injured he was given a chance to show off is talent, and he played really well. Now lets hope that he can continue is success. He was very good with Oklohoma State, he averaged close to a double double, I don't think he could average that in the NBA, but if he would give us 10+ points a game it would help the Raptors a lot.
  5. bargnani7

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    graham has been playing really well and agressive thses last couple of games.
    hes more aggresive, his jump shot improved and he takes it to the whole.
    i think he will be a solid player.
    the only thing he needs to work on is how he thinks on the court.
  6. shookem

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    The thing I love about Graham this year is he finally seems to have realized that he's stronger than most guys on the floor.

    That and his jumper as scared as it makes me, is falling this season.
  7. Babe_Ruth

    Babe_Ruth Sultan of Swat Staff Member V.I.P.

    Yea but him realizing he's stronger then the other guys as become kind of is down fall from time to time last year, and this year. Because everytime he drives to the net he drives like a fullback and puts is huge elbow into the defender which causes an offensive foul. I have a gut feeling though that he'll learn how to control is strength and hopefully in the long run help him become a good player for the Raptors in the future.
  8. shookem

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    Last year I saw him getting a lot more offensive fouls than this, I don't have any stats on this, but to me at least, it seems as if he is in more control than the previous season.
  9. StroShow

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    You guys have all valid points, and here's what I think about the whole Joey Graham situation. He can be a really good player in this league, a 15ppg and 8 to 9 rpg per game type of player. It's just he needs more consistency in his game. He seems to only play to is capibilities when he wants too. He'll play awesome for 3 straight games, and then play bad for 5 straight. He's a huge tease because we all know what he can do, it's just he doesn't bring it every night which is very frustrating for Raptors fans. I know you guys are saying it's only is second second the consistency will come in time, which is true. But he did have a long career in college, and now he's in is second season and I still see those small mistakes he makes to get himself in fould trouble.
  10. shookem

    shookem Guest

    True and Smitch's record for developing young players is still to be decided.

    Still you gotta love the 47 % he's shooting from the field this year.

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