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Grabbing Games by the Balls


New Member
I've been around a couple of other gaming forums lately, and man are they good!! ***Rotten Tomatoe hits face*** No, i'm just kidding! The only difference is the amount of people.

Hey. I think i just stumbled upon something right there. Yeah, yeah I did!
The only difference between threads on one forum vs threads on another forum is the amount of people!

Wow, suddenly i have a pretty vague picture of what all those forums out there look like. They all have font changes. They all have Title abilities. They all have smileys. :nod:

And then suddenly, i feel pretty... dumbfounded
about the possibilites. I mean, c'mon man, how long does it take one way of doing something to get redone? Are these the dark ages of forums? Will we have no change for thousands of years?

Okay, i know i'm being pretty sarcastic [And pretty meh at my objective].

See, the point here is this. As forum dudes, you admins, or whatever you're called, have to be ready to sometimes, sit down from your all busy and constantly buzzing forums and think about what you can do to enhance your people rate. Because, more people means more options right? And more options means more fun, eh? So, the more fun, the more you can charge, verdad?

Its also come to my understanding that you guys are trying to get some gaming wassa majigga to going on the site. Congrats to you, gentlemen.

I like making threads!
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