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Gr33tz from L33tGamer!


Registered Member
Hi all!

Greetings! I am a fanatical gamer, and also a mapper/modder.

I have done maps for Halo CE, and worked a bit with FEAR and Unreal. Getting into Unreal Editor 3 which is awesome!

My favorite games are FEAR, Halo, Battlefield 2, and Unreal 3.

See you on the Battlefield!



Secret Agent
Staff member
Hey welcome. Did you ever get into Counterstrike mapping? I did that for a while and found it pretty fun.

I love 2 of your favorite 4 games so I'm sure we'll get along just fine. :D


Registered Member
No, I never got into Counterstrike. I heard there were a lot of hackers in that game (although I am not sure about that), but I hate hackers, and has ruined some great games. But I really love FPS. I may try it out sometime...for now FEAR combat has been like an addiction and I am actually a little weary to try anything else new at moment lol.