Gr33tz from L33tGamer!


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Hi all!

Greetings! I am a fanatical gamer, and also a mapper/modder.

I have done maps for Halo CE, and worked a bit with FEAR and Unreal. Getting into Unreal Editor 3 which is awesome!

My favorite games are FEAR, Halo, Battlefield 2, and Unreal 3.

See you on the Battlefield!



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Hey welcome. Did you ever get into Counterstrike mapping? I did that for a while and found it pretty fun.

I love 2 of your favorite 4 games so I'm sure we'll get along just fine. :D


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No, I never got into Counterstrike. I heard there were a lot of hackers in that game (although I am not sure about that), but I hate hackers, and has ruined some great games. But I really love FPS. I may try it out sometime...for now FEAR combat has been like an addiction and I am actually a little weary to try anything else new at moment lol.