Xbox 360 Gow2 Hosting?

OK, for those who play gow2 they know where i'm coming from when I talk about the host, and how unfair it is. I cant tell you how many games i have lost because they either bridged it or just had host randomly, and what i mean by that is the only person on there team to do something was host, like he would have over 50 kills and the rest of his team would have only about 10 or so. And of course there is the lagg that some hosts give off, like 2 or more second bullet lagg? what can you do when you shoot and about 3 seconds later the bullets finally come out??

Why cant epic just make a server and have us play on that? is it really that much of a problem? cause i know it isnt money that could be the problem? I mean halo and many other online shooting games aren't like this?? why is that?