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Discussion in 'Politics & Law' started by pro2A, Jan 11, 2009.

  1. pro2A

    pro2A Hell, It's about time! - Obama: ?Only Government? Can Fix What Ails Us?


    Hey Obama, I got a message for you. No government program created this country, free people created this country. 233 years of the most successful country on earth is proof enough. Government is the problem, not the solution.

  2. Stab-o-Matic5000

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    Obviously I'm an Obama supporter, so let me play devil's advocate here.

    There have been some successful government programs, most notably, highways. Which is more or less similar to what Obama is proposing, that the government spends money on infrastructure. I personally like the idea, since it means taxpayer dollars getting spent on something useful for once.

    I do disagree with the statement "Only government can fix the problem", but that seems to me like rhetoric to try and get votes for the project. I tend to ignore the rhetoric that comes out of politician's mouths anyway.
  3. MenInTights

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    I admit I'm somewhat of a nut about these solutions. But, the attitude of government being the end all leads to destruction of our nation.

    After the US government tries and fails, the problem will be turned over to the world government. One currency, one court, one government...problem solved.

    Multinationals like Henry Kissinger have been salivating at the idea for decades and this week called the financial crises a great opportunity to create a new world order. link
    Sarkozy, Merkel and Blair didn't go as far as Kissinger did, but came off the G20 moving in the same direction.

    I'm completely against turning this problem over to the government. Less restrained capitalism is the way to go. Take the trillion dollars deficit and spend it on a 6 month tax holiday if you want to shock this ecomony.
  4. Sim

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    It's really funny. Reagan and Thatcher untamed and unleashed capitalism, by removing all controls and regulations -- and this led to ultimate disaster, the result was the worst financial crisis and economic chaos since 1929. Yet some people still keep repeating their anti-government mantra.

    It reminds me very much of those communists who, in 1989, claimed the USSR and East Bloc failed, not because they had too much state, but because they had not been socialist enough, that the USSR collapsed because it was too capitalistic.
  5. Stab-o-Matic5000

    Stab-o-Matic5000 Cutting Edge in Murder

    At the risk of offending people (which is completely not my goal here), the ideals that people hold can be incredibly deep-seated, and they will stick to them no matter what.

    Back to the topic in general, I think the inherent problem is that people are misinterpreting what he means by "only government can solve the problem". The statement was in reference to his stimulus program, not in reference to increased regulation. I'm not even being an Obama cheerleader here, I'm just pointing out the fact that this specific statement was not a call for more regulations. He's talking about spending money to stimulate the economy, because frankly, somebody has got to do it. Consumer spending is way down, because the economy is bad. The economy is based largely on consumer spending. See where this is going?

    I'm just saying, when he does start talking about more regulations, go ahead and get the torches out, but regulations frankly have nothing to do with this situation.

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