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Government in your Eyes

What is government?

  • No people at all, but an incorruptable entity of pure benevolence.

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  • Only the greedy and power-hungry ever apply for government jobs.

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  • No people at all, but a personifiable entity that finds joy only in lies and destruction.

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It may be mildly convoluted, but I'm going to pose this question as best I can: What exactly is the federal government in your eyes?

The more I see people discussing the latest hubbub regarding Wikileaks, the more I'm convinced that people actually see Western government as some sort of gigantic, personified entity whose sole purpose is to find a way to destroy the world. Do we all really know so little about how international politics works?

I've never really had any delusions about the government, myself; the people who occupy positions of power are not special, really, at all. They're you and me, except with maybe a few extra years of school. They have parents who are proud of their accomplishments (usually). They have hometowns. They have friends. They have convictions. It's not like government officials breed new government officials in genetic holding tanks and then whip and flagellate them throughout their youth to produce twisted, ethically polymorphous monsters; they went to school for a really long time and then applied for a high profile job. That's it.

Now, are there corrupt government officals? Duh. But is the entire purpose of government really to just screw us all and destroy the planet? Can you actually logically rationalize a belief like that? Or are you just mad that someone else did the work, made the sacrifices, and is now calling the shots?.

So how do you see government? Are they a cabal of maniacal lunatics power-drunk and hell-bent to destroy the world for absolutely no reason at all? Or are they predominantly well-educated people doing the best they can to strike a balance between self-interest and the greater good?
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If anything, many government employees are under-educated. So when they go to do their job they are unprepared for the burden it holds or their experience in the big picture is non-existent.

Liberal Arts institutions try to well round students but most people go to public school where skills of communication, sociology, physiology, anthropology, management, environmental impact, and many others aren't required.

Yes, there are good people in government.


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I'm not able to add to the poll, probably due to lack of posts.

I do think that people go into politics to make a difference to the world but some get misled or corrupted.


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I'm not sure government jobs are progressive and can keep up with the times or demand. And oversight is slow to make changes. People don't adjust well to change and it's a vicious cycle.

It's frustrating to believe there will be a change and then the House or President vetos progress. We have the same issues on the table that we have had for a hundred years and still can't come up with something new.

On the local level, there are law enforcement agencies that can't keep up with demand like jails. Then there's Border Patrol and Homeland Security. Too much to do and too little time, money, and other resources.


Son of Liberty
It depends on what government you're talking about but I went with mostly people doing their best for the world's well-being. I think most people are trying to do what is best whether it be at the federal, state or local levels. Some give in to corruption and greed and of course those stories make better news than the ones that don't.


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I have no contempt for governments. However, certain government system does infringed on basic human liberties. This form of governance is to me unacceptable. Society should be able to judge their peers based on their action and not on some form of entity creating a reaction. Government should follow a framework in which their role is to protect the people and not to infringed on their liberties.

I grant that there is no perfect philosophy of democracy, but the U.S. constitution, judeo-christian, the constitutional republic in which the country was founded on is perhaps the best form of system by far. Our system is still on the experimental stage and seem to be doing okey. Other system of government has been implemented and created strife to the citizen in that form of system. Far from perfect our constitutional republic, but it is the best in the world.

Many countries will regard us as the culprit for all the strife in the world because of the status we have as a country. That is human nature to vilify the action of those government capable of influencing the world. You can pretty much tell what the country is like based on the level of attention and degree of damage their opponents are willing to go as far as damaging their persona.

If you look at North Korea and how that regime is treating its people, others see the U.S. as the cause of all the problems in the world no matter what NK or other nations similar to that do. Why is that exactly? The contribution of the U.S. is unimaginable in terms of sacrificing her own citizen in the defense of other nation. I cannot think of a nation who have lost so many people in correcting the wrong, not only abroad but in our own. I am proud to be an American. As an immigrant from the Philippines there is no greater honor in serving the most righteous nation on earth.


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Times are changing indeed. If you look at 50 years ago, the political philosophies vary but yet recognizable in its form. Now a days, our government (U.S.) seem to eager to expand its power based by those representatives we have elected. Clearly time has changed when the will of the minority was protected from the majority, in which by this logical idea seem to the promise to be good seem now as a bad idea. Government has created the diversity, the prejudice and continued racism in the equation. Government sponsorship of these form should be removed. Only the people can control what form of government they want. The government should not be allowed to act without the consent of the many. To act independently is only in an act of protectionism.


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IMO, the federal government has too many incentives to grow. You have the lobbies who constantly want new legislation and you have the members of congress who feel they have to provide results in some form to justify their existence.

Unfortunately, the barking dogs in the front get fed first. Most americans ignor politics due to they have no need for it.

Until there is a constitutional mandate that specifically says that the federal government is to NOT provide an individuals personal housing, food, education, healthcare or retirement, the government will continue to grow into a:

Totalitarianism (or totalitarian rule) is a political system where the state, usually under the control of a single political person, faction, or class, recognizes no limits to its authority and strives to regulate every aspect of public and private life wherever feasible.


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In looking at the distict level individuals that run for office I see they are frustrated with how things are run. Using that as their motivation they set out to make a difference. Once it gets to city, county, state, and federal level I am at a loss. It's gotten so complicated!! Maybe I just don't get it, and they do, but I can't see how any voted-in official doesn't get immediately discouraged. The time it takes to accomplish anything is bogged down by the system.

On a larger more idealistic, and naive, scale I see that government is for social order and national security. For many "security" is open to interpretation, but for me it's only about protection from those that wish to harm us. As it is now, government has a significant role in how we run our personal lives. Some like that because they depend on government. Some don't like it because they want freedom from obligations.

I'm a hugely devoted and sappy American. I love this country. For the most part my day-to-day life is very blessed (minus the jobless situation). While it's easy to escape from my displeasures in government, I also try to pay attention to those policies that will impact this country as a whole.