Government doing little about asteroids: report


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It's probably something they should have in mind but unless scientists can find any serious, imminent threat I don't think we need to put any money into it.
I see a lot of the article talking about the budget and funding. If this does turn into something more serious, then the rest of the world needs to chip in with their funds of their own. Or at least have China forgive our debt. =P

Side comment:
The United States is doing little to defend the planet against potentially devastating asteroids
Seeing quotes like this really puts things in perspective for me. Viewing different YouTube videos about random news ranging from politics to local and seeing the comments bashing America: "LOL @ Amerika", "can't wait till China over throws the US", "is this what America is all about?", "typical americans", ect... Seeing trolls make comments like that and seeing the above quote makes me realize that America is the mom and pop of this world while the rest of the countries are our children. The children criticize and bash us, but when in danger of doom and gloom they run to mommy and daddy to take care of the threat.


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I knwo this is an old topic but I just HAD to post considering I never got my 2 cents in when it was made.

So basically you are saying that this statement by Yahoo, the American company (I believe?) is representative of the way the rest of the world runs to America with its problems? Does that make sense to you?

And as a personal opinion I don't really want to debate with you, I believe America puts itself in this position by attempting to take on so many of these problems on its own.

When it comes to the asteroid thing. There are so many things out in space that could kill us that we have no control over, why worry over one of them unless we are aware of a threat or have nothing better to put the $ into, which we always do.
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Who really cares; isn't it the Russians who have the world covered when it comes to asteroid disasters?

vilks said:
The children criticize and bash us, but when in danger of doom and gloom they run to mommy and daddy to take care of the threat.
Anyways, it's offtopic, but people bash America for this reason exactly --> The attitude that America is somehow 'mommy' to us whiny, baby nations who apparently are too inept to fend for ourselves. It certainly makes it tougher for people like me, who have to constantly point out the redeeming factors to everyone else.