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"gotta know who you are"


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by Chris Christie during news conference on Fox News announcing he would not run for president in response to entertainers poking fun at him being overweight.

Christie said it didn't bother him as long as the jokes were funny because that is their job (ie Letterman). He knows it, he sees it, he's "self-aware".

I so believe this "gotta know who you are". In individual growth and marital growth it so important that people are aware and admit their flaws and realities. Too much I see a lot of denial, and too much I see defensiveness. Truth is truth and we all have to work within the confines of our own truth. Why are so many afraid of truth about themselves?


Lion Rampant
I'm not sure that 'truthophobia' is a real thing. What I see is that people are generally marvelous at self-deception. A fear of the truth implies a knowledge of same, which may be giving too much credit to many.

by Chris Christie during news conference on Fox News announcing he would not run for president in response to entertainers poking fun at him being overweight.
Can you give us the source on that, shel? I'm getting a very different and somewhat more plausible story, as cited here from cbsnews.com:

Christie would have gotten into the race less than three months before voters are expected to begin going to the polls. (The primary calendar remains in flux, but voting looks likely to kick off in early January.) He would have needed to develop a ground game in key early states, develop a platform and establish his fundraising network in an extremely short period of time, all while preparing for regular debates against his opponents and making himself better known to the American people. And that would have been harder than you might think: Despite the deafening buzz around Christie in political circles in recent weeks, a CBS News survey out Tuesday morning found that 70 percent of voters - including 63 percent of Republican primary voters - didn't yet have an opinion about him. Asked if they would like to see Christie join the field, Republican primary voters offered a mixed response: 32 percent said yes, 38 percent said no and 30 percent said they didn't know.
Christie insisted Tuesday that timing concerns were not a factor, saying the only issue was that he did not feel right leaving his job in New Jersey.
Chris Christie: "Now is not my time" - Political Hotsheet - CBS News
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That isn't the point of the thread. .... debating whether it was said or not. I just listened with my own ears while listening to him respond to reporters. I'm sure FoxNews online has video of it.

What I'm trying to get at is how hypersensitive many people are in life, in forums, in politics, in relationships because they think its the OTHER person that is be INsensitive. Why this hypersensitivty???? Because we don't know who we are. Chris Christie knows he is fat, and can laugh about it as the entertainers poke fun at him. No defensiveness, no blaming, no talk but reality. Someone like Rosie ODonnell would get all indignant...saying fat is beautiful, and people are bigoted, and how dare they. She's one of those damn comediennes and she can't even laugh about it because she's so busy denying it.
Tuck....I'm not saying that is WHY he is not running. I'm saying that during the news conference to reporters discussing the decision to not run, a reporter brought this topic up. Christies' response was to admit being fat, and to laugh, and to say "gotta know who you are". That is the point.
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Embrace the Suck
I heard Bill Maher make a fat joke about him recently during his show, I hear them about Christie all the time. I try to focus on the issues rather than his weight. And based on the issues I'm not a big Christie fan (no pun intended) so I'm fine with him not running.

I agree Shel, it's important to know who we are, to have an honest assessment of one's self.


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I think it's impossible to know perfectly who we are, because we act in a specific way in each different situation, and the life is too short to life all the situations. Furthermore, if we know perfectly who we are, we could know how we act all the time, and it's no possible.
But it doesn't mean that we can't know nothing about us. We can know only that our experience had tought us.


Sally Twit
You'd be lying if you said there wasn't anything you disliked about yourself. I think people can be honest with themselves without having to talk about it to someone else. Some people will accept their flaws and try and push them to the back of their mind where as others will try and change the way they feel. They don't have to make their feelings public if they don't want to and they have a right to feel sensitive if other people bring up their flaws. Everyone has something.