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PC Games Gothic (PC)


New Member
Hello, I am making a topic on the Gothic game series because its a great game series and because I haven't seen a topic about it in this fourm.

Does anyone else here like or enjoy the Gothic?

I like Gothic because the game is full of cool twists for a story and there are a multitude of stuff to do in the game, from stealing to get your way to the top or doing lots of quests to join one of three camps.

The controls of the game can be tricky to use at first, but once you learn them there very simple. But using (dev) mode is really interesting if you are just looking for mindless fun :p, dev mode is a command prompt where you can spawn items items monsters and more.


Registered Member
Wow no replies on this one..
I still remember the day when I started playing this game. Oh, whenever someone mention Gothic, it revoke all the good memories I had, returning me in the childhood..
When I was kid I had my own game supplier. She had a catalog of the available games, and every games had a small picture under it names. Often I brought games with good pictures ( dumb ) , but this time I was like, okey now I am going to buy the game with the worst picture. As you can conclude it was the Gothic. That ugly small picture is still haunting me, a letter G written in a gothic style, and only blackness around it. So yes, I decided to buy that game.

It turns out to be more than astounding, I have enjoyed every segment of it. It was my first rpg, and that dragged me into the rpg games.

But I was disappointed when the Gothic III was released. It wasn't what I expected, gothic IV was even the worser. To bad they destroyed such a game.

P.S If you want to play something similar to Gothic, check Risen.


Registered Member
I'm fan of gothic 1 and 2
not sure which one version is better, both are amazing

the third version i dont even call it gothic its like another game, doesnt have good story, only good graphic.
I didnt enjoy the third version and the 4th was even more sux.

Gothic 1 and 2 are classic games, one of best game I have ever played.
Ive finished these games like 10 times.
I still enjoy to play these games even after long time after the premiere.
the game wont get old ever, as I sad its classic.
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