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Got Ink?


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Iggy, I love your butterfly with the tails. It is really pretty!


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OMG how do y'all sit there for hours on... mine only too about ONE hour and I got a cramp in my leg because of how he had me sitting... Holy cow...

Msbabe, Ive heard that recoloring doesnt sting as badly... :D


New Member
the middle part, the dragons were the worst! It took so long because I had to have a cig and a good cry....lol


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I wonder could they have a massage person there and while you are getting a tat you could get a massage on other parts of your body at the same time lol Wouldnt be so darned stressful then! I am seriously considering getting another one. Though Im not sure where Im going to put it... All this free canvas space on my body and I have no clue where I would want one. The ankle was always a place for my flutteryby and I want to be able to cover it if needed...

I actually placed the butterfly right where an ankle sock would cover it if need be :D I think my next one is gonna be.... *EG*


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Im still amazed at that pirate flag, and Ive seen it 1000's of times

I dont have any tats. I think there cool, but I dont like needles


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OMG!! Ink?? Are You Kidding?? I didn't even get my ears pierced until I was 34! (and I cried). I did waitress the "Inkslingers Ball" in Los Angeles a long, long time ago. I was the only person in the room for the entire weekend that had neither a tat or a piercing! hmmmm.... somehow I made it into the pictures of "tattoo" magazine! Hahahahah! THAT'S gotta be a first! Wish I had a copy of the magazine.... :eek:oh:


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ok i no clue how do pic on board (*DUHHHHH*)

So i can explain a few of my many tats

most famous= forehead (GP)
top of hands= Human/Pincushion
finger = ohgmatic runes spelling my deceased moms name
arms= crap from stupid teens
legs = crap from stupid teens
back= tribal lizard on half back
tribal wings on half back
back of skull= every letter of the alphabet in a overlaping design


aug 09/2005= finish right side of faces tribal pattern
tribal pattern on chin and throat
wind bars and smoke around alphabet reaching front face
sept/2005= covering arms wrist to armpit in pure black (solid)
scarification will be done overtop as soon as healed in a ghosting
oct/2005= covering legs ankle to groin in pure black (solid)
scarification will be done overtop as soon as healed in a ghosting

p.s. You asked LOL