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PlayStation 1 Got Gex?


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Now there was a game you could play for days..The graphics were real cool for their time...But what really made that game was the coments that Gex made..
Example" Note to self. Don't drink the water at Jerry garcias house.:lol: "
you know things like that..And the off the wall stuff you had to do to compleat each mission..Man it was better and more fun than Crash..
So all you gex gamers sound off what was your favorite part of Gex?
And what was your favorite Gex 1, 2, or 3?
Oh man, I remember loving this game back when I rented it on N64. In fact, I enjoyed it so much I rented it a few more times and proceeded to beat the game 100%. I think it was the first one, too. Gex's comments and jokes really made the game enjoyable.


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
I liked Gex, a lot. I'm actually surprised to hear someone talking about it. I think I only played the original, but it was still a very fun game. I wish they still made Gex games. There were definatly fun games, a lot better than Spyro or Crash. I don't remember much about the other platformers for the PSX.


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I also only got to play the 64 version of the game, while I hear it wasnt as dirty as th eplaystation orinigal, it was still a blast toplay


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Oh the PS version was the best..It had a few difrent levels and definately had more jokes and coments than the 64 one..Also If you had the master codes ( Foulmouth) You could get gex to say some really out there and lude stuff..
It's hard to decide wich one I liked the best..So I will just have to keep them all:D .


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Really? I played the game for about 20 minutes and I hated it, I dont know what exactly I hated about it, but I just could not stand it.

I had the same problem with Morrowind, I just could not play it..


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Morrowind absolutely sucks on console but is a great PC game. Perfect example of why programmers need to think a little before blindly porting a game to a different platform.


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I sed to have Gex, but it was stolen. Along with about $3000 worth of other stuff. Or was it before that happened? I think it was. Either way, it was stolen. I always loved it, but didn't get very far in the short time I had it.


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I used to see this game on the commercial and want it bad but, for some reason never bought it. Im glad. I hated it **Dont Hit Me** it is a friends favorite game. He has all three titles and I was excited to have a chance to play them recently. Didn't like it when I did.


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My brother got me Gex Enter the Gecko for a present and I liked playing that game. I thought it had pretty good graphics, and I liked the fact it was 3D. And, of course, Gex's comments:

"So this is what the world looks like through Keith Richard's eyes."

I never beat the game though, before selling everything.