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Got change for a million?


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Staff member
That's pretty stupid of that guy. I've seen stories like that before too. Sometimes the cashier actually takes the money and gives change. (Never heard about that happening past a $1,000 bill though).

This guy should be pretty embarrassed for himself.


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I heard of this story and I feel sorry for the guy because he really thought there was a 1 million dollar bill. I know that the US mint has a $100,000 bill but it never made it in circulation.


Food Whore
The largest banknote that was ever in circulation was the $10,000 bill. But that was just a gold certificate. The $1,000 and the $5,000 were Intrest bearing notes. The largest bill ever made as the $100,000, but all of these were discontiuned around the 1940s.

I think i have a fake million lying around my house somewhere. But its clearly fake, due to its large size, and the statue of liberty on the bill, instead of a president.


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If a customer tried to give me a million dollar bill I would probably laugh and think it was a joke. I can't imagine getting angry over something so obviously fake? :p


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Someone tried to pass me one of those fake million dollar bills before. I thought it was hilarious, and almost got fired for laughing in his face. Man, that was mean.

Counterfitters are pretty crafty, though, they have some really neat techniques to make the money as close to real as possible.


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Which has caused the federal mint to go out and put a nice big purple "5" on the bottom right corner of the new $5 bill.


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Thats why people don't make illegal copies of anything much over a twenty because people get suspicious when you start spending a couple 100 dollar bills. A recent study dont by the government showed that 20% of all 20's are counterfeit. They took 1000 twenty dollar bills and carefully studied each one, there were a couple of questionable ones, but the end result was just slightly over 200 of the 1000 were fake. I would feel so guilty if i counterfeited money.


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wow, its always funny when people try to pull stuff like that