Got a trial tomorrow

It's for a car accident me and my frat brother were involved in last October. For the backstory, that night we were coming from campus around 5:00 am and got on the highway to go home and I fell asleep. Now as I'm sleeping I hear some tire screeching noises and don't think anything of it, but then I wake up and I see a car stopped right in front of us and the exact next second later we crash into it. For a split second I thought I died and then I came back and realized my chest is just fucked up and I'm trying to come to terms with what just happened.

As for the driver of the other car, it turns out she was driving drunk, which is why her car with her buddy in it was just sitting there. And according to my frat brother (who was driving the car I was in) the drunk girl was swerving all around and he was trying to respond accordingly but that happened.

So we get to the hospital at 6 am after nervously calling my parents, I'm diagnosed with having deep contusions in my chest and a bruised knee.

Just something I'd share with you all.


Son of Liberty
Good luck, I'd be interested in knowing how it goes. To see how verdicts are in your jurisdiction compared to mine. I'm guessing your attorney pled for punitive damages because she was drunk? I'm intersted in knowing what a jury does with that.
We were sitting in the courtroom for roughly 20 minutes, mainly because the officer who arrested the girl didn't show up but from what we saw she was escorted out by some guy in a suit. And the judge's microphone wasn't working right so some people could barely hear what he was saying.


Son of Liberty
yeah Hey good luck, Kinda oddball coincidence 'cause my girlfriends Mom is actually going to trial tomorrow also... but she's going 'cause of Jury Duty. I dont think you're in my area though, lol so I doubt its the same one :hah: