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Got a homemade Cold Remedy?


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I NEED IT! I feel SOO bad! Drainage and a mega sore throat with a headache!! I took some over the counter stuff but I still feel like crap! Anyone know of any home remedy's that are tried and true I can take tonight to help me sleep and feel better in the morning? I'm desperate!

I spent last week with PINK EYE! and have been fighting this cold for ever now!!!


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I don't know any home made remedies but what I have been doing the past few years is the minute I start to feel like I'm getting a cold I load up on the vitamin C, Zinc, and echinacea. I also get the Zicam swabs. I works for me most of the time. If I do end up getting the cold (which most of the time I don't) it doesn't last long. This is a miracle for me because I used to have a cold for weeks at a time. Good Luck - I hope you feel better soon!


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Jenn. What I do Is i take a raw onions. 1 large onion dice it up into a sauce pan add about 1-cup to 1 1/2 cups sugar and 1/2 a bottle of tabassco sauce let it simmer the sugar will disolve and it will make a syurp take about 3 tablespoons of it 3 times a day and It will work. I know it sounds strange but this Is what I do and It works for me


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Well, the remedy passed down to me for sicknesses to help prevent and treat are the following:

1.) Get a tablespoon and fill with honey. Grind up some garlic cloves and put on the spoon with the honey. Eat. Repeat a few times a day if sick, just do once a day for prevention.

2.) Make up some green tea. Put at least a tablespoon of honey in it.

I personally do not do #1 (but I try to add garlic to whatever I cook). I sometimes will have tea w/ honey if sick. I love the Vitamin C drops from Halls. They have strawberry, watermelon and cherry flavors. I try to take a whole bunch when I begin feeling like I am coming down with something. Oh, and be careful with Vitamin C. Too much can do harm and too much can decrease the effectiveness of birth control pills (that's what I remember reading anyways).

Hope you feel better soon!!!!


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Personally, I just get some Nyquil or something like it. It seems to work for me. Helps me sleep and get over it faster, but if you need to be up during the day, then don't use Nyquil because it will cause you to fall asleep.


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THanks everyone........Doubles........Ewww not sure I could hold that down long enough for it to work! LOL

I did load up on the nyquil as soon as I got home yesterday. Feel asleep at like 6:30 and slept all night long. I feel MUCH better today. I will take more tonight.

Think I am going to try the Vitamin C thing. I have heard that before. :)


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I find the best thing is what my Mom used to do to us kids growing up.
Rub Vicks vaporub on our chest and back and put a small towel on top to hold it all in. We would feel so much better in the morning.